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My paintings process a renewed combination of collapsed worlds, angering about inability to change the status of self, and turning into a rogue-like blend.These disintegration are not only entirely from myself, but also usually composed by media and imagination.The work shows those feelings that the "incompetent" is collided by the huge mechanical gears of the real world, being torn, destroyed, being crushed.Incompetent people are broken, crashed, and swayed by impact, and ineffective panic.Social systems and rules have triggered a sense of chaos in my life, and this sense of chaos has formed a disintegration and laceration.I reorganized on the image and tried to respond with a different tone from reality in paintings.The picture is often chaotic and comical, confusing and unintelligible feelings that people feel about life.

My work mainly describes what kind of emotional and spiritual state the nobody in daily life has,  in this country full of contradictions and double standards?

 I tried to give imagination and present in painting. Under this socialized survival mode, I have been constantly disintegrating and reorganizing, and what kind of attitude and perspective I am faced with.In my paintings, I want to express the state of being an incompetent person because of the system. A state of rapid fall in life and reaches a kind of stall, and then shows a state of rest. I am well aware that the overall social system and machines are too large for me to proposing any change. I feel as if it is the best state at this stage I have, and it seems a problem of myself for being a bad product in the society. After knowing the unchangeable world, I realize that I am an incompetent person. After all, the incompetent people can only release the energy in their body and mind in various absurd.

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